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Panel 2: Cutting the cake differently – new financial models for independent music

In the Chair: Ruth Barnes (Amazing Radio)

Saying what they think: Rob Challice (Coda); Cliff Fluet (Lewis Silkin) Nicholas Lovell (Games Brief); Gavin Sharp (Inner City Music); Laura Jurd (musician)

The bottom line is that there is less money around – promoters have less money, and punters are spending less – everyone’s a bit more risk averse. But gigs form the backbone of artists’, promoters and producers’ income, so we need to find new models for financing tours, commissions and gigs. What are the new financial models that will underpin artist careers and promoter and venue businesses in the coming decade? What kinds of deals and relationships are we going to see more of, and who will be party to these, and in the driving seat? Where are the opportunities for artists and promoters, and what do deals that are fair to them both look like?

To put it bluntly, where’s the money going to be coming from, who’s going to get what and how’s it going to be divvied up, if we’re all to make a living from the music we love? Telling us what they think are five of the sharpest people we know, all of whom have real insight into the way things work now and the way things are likely to shape up over the next few years.

Panel times: 1.45pm-2.35pm

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