Panel 4: Getting the clicks and mortar mix right: using technology to drive up live attendance

Chair: Jason Phipps (The Guardian)

Kriss Baird (Music Ally/Technology Strategy Board); Joey Baxter, (Eventbox); Marie Horner (Roundhouse); Laura Kidd (She Makes War)

Technology’s revolutionising how people consume, discover and share music. The Facebook “like” button is replacing the lapel badge. But if the majority of us can’t properly monetise content alone, we need to find new ways of driving (more) online consumers to the live experience, so we can increase the money we make from gigs.

What’s going to be trending in the tech world over the next 2-3 years, and how can we harness it to encourage more people to go to gigs, and spend more money while they are there? What might the new ‘clicks and mortar’ models be? Where could location-based technology take us?

Our panel of tech and music industry pioneers discuss what’s up for grabs technologically, and explore how it could play out in the independent music sector.

Panel times: 3.45pm-4.35pm

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