Our Speakers Said: Alan Davey, Arts Council England

Alan Davey, CEO of Arts Council England is taking part in the One Dayer this Friday 12 September – joining a panel of experts looking at the future of income generation and helping us navigate the funding landscape. We asked him what he thinks the burning issues are for musicians, venues and others working in independent music. 

It’s important that we’re having new ideas, that we’re open to new ideas, and that we’re exchanging new ideas. Anyone coming to The One Dayer is going to be bombarded with new ideas. That’s the whole point. And that’s what’s really exciting about it.

The first panel, The Show and Tell, will be great because it’s going to really set the tone for the event, and I’m really keen to hear from each speaker there about what they’re doing. In particular, Cafe Oto who are a new national portfolio organisation, doing wonderful stuff in the area of experimental music, how it can be presented and how people can engage with it. But every panel has some really amazing  people on it.

For me the most burning issue is about how talent can get enough money to support itself and how talented people can live whilst practicing their art and keep practicing their art so they can take it to a new place.

That’s what I’m obsessed about at the Arts Council in general, but in terms of independent contemporary music, it’s a particular challenge as the whole landscape of how you get an income from making the music you make is changing so much. For me that’s fundamental. There’s so many ways that we need technology to help us get the music over in effective ways as well as hopefully joining the dots and monetising it.

At Arts Council England we are very seriously funding contemporary music now. I want that to continue and grow, as we learn what we’re doing that’s good and what we can do in a better way. Our view of music is a very wide one quite rightly, and I want that to continue and to continue to widen.

Everyone’s got something to bring to the #OneDayer – whether you’re an artist, promoter or manager. You’re giving your all to music in various ways and it’s difficult, so come with the challenges you face; come with the answers you’ve found; and exchange them with others. I hope delegates will get some new ideas, affirmation of the ideas they have, some mutual help from people they might meet and that a set of networks happens as a result of this.

Thank you to Alan Davey. Joining the Dots – The One Dayer: Finance, Technology and the Future of Independent Music is on 12 September 2014 at Cecil Sharp House, Camden.  

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