Looking ahead – what does the future of independent music hold?

As we draw to the end of 2015 and look ahead to the New Year we thought it would be a good time to revisit our Postcards from the Future provocations – three talks by experts in their fields looking at the future of music, of young audiences and of technology.  What can we expect from 2016 and beyond, what technology will be driving new audiences for music and how will we be doing business?

Tim Plyming, Director of Digital Arts & Media at NESTA gave us a whistle stop tour of potential future financial models for music, particularly around digital distribution, and predicts that something amazing could be on the horizon!  Intrigued?  Watch the film to find out more…

Specialist youth researcher Josephine Hansom, from YouthSight, conducted a bespoke piece of research for us, looking at  students and their behaviours and relationships to music.  In their increasingly busy lives, students still believe music is a key part of their identity and still pay for music.  Lots of interesting other data in this presentation that could help you focus your marketing and reach.

Karim Fanous, Head of Research and Insight at Music Ally, talked about how technology might support the live music experience in the future, including his personal wish list!

And finally, what did delegates want to see in the future for independent music?  And what on earth did they want to happen to Simon Cowell?  Ben Mellor and Leonie Higgins  gave us a scratch performance featuring some of our most entertaining predictions!