About the hub

We think. We do. We learn. We share.

the hub was founded in 2002 by a team of socially minded, entrepreneurial, music producers, marketers and fundraisers united by a desire to produce innovative work and build the capacity of the independent music sector we’d grown up in. Since then, we’ve gained a reputation as a leading development force in the creative sector. Our clients and partners range from some of the biggest names in the creative sector – from Sony Playstation to the BBC – to individual artists, small arts organisations, and higher education providers. Working with such a range of people, all culturally curious like us, makes ‘going to work’ a joy.

A think and do tank

We’re social entrepreneurs: inherently entrepreneurial, but focused on developing innovative solutions and sharing learning to make a difference. Our ‘think and do tank’ model means we do two things:

Consultancy, research and training

We enjoy working with like-minded, dynamic clients, and have a reputation for intelligence, integrity and for producing high quality, innovative and useful solutions. Key areas include: research; strategic planning; talent development; income generation; marketing and audience development, and creative producing.

Our ‘hub lab’ programme

This is where we ‘scratch our creative itches’, exploring solutions to sector problems or creative opportunities that excite us. These are projects we develop & fundraise for, sometimes on our own, sometimes with partners. We call it our ‘lab’ because it’s where we, and the artists and other creatives we work with, experiment.

These twin functions – thinking and doing – are central to our philosophy, practice and business model

Few consultants are also active practitioners, but to us it’s absolutely crucial we do both. It keeps our tools sharp; means we combine theory and practice; that we’re multi-lingual, and understand the landscape because we’re part of it. This think and do tank approach is what sets us apart from the crowd, but it’s also how we make the hub work financially; the money we generate through working with clients helps fund our hub lab programme.

Champions of the new and the interesting. Known for our entrepreneurialism, integrity, intelligence and generosity. We’re in it to make a difference.

We’re culturally curious. We love learning, and helping others to learn. We’re collaborative, good listeners, and we take care to understand the world around us. We’re known for intelligent and innovative work that creates real value for our clients and peers. Working with us gets results; it’s also stimulating and engaging along the way. We value independence – ours and other people’s. We say what we think, but with empathy. We’re strong communicators, passionate advocates for the things we believe in. We’re naturally entrepreneurial, yet known for our generosity. We try to make a difference to people we work with, and work hard on getting that right.