Sounding Board

It’s really important to us that members of our ‘community’ – people in the independent music and wider creative sectors – are actively involved in the shaping of our ‘hub lab’ programme.

Our Sounding Board is a fantastic group of like-minded lateral thinkers who share our passion for music and for making a difference, are inherently curious, enjoy thinking and talking about new ideas, and are willing to give up a bit of time to help shape our thinking. Around the table are promoters, artists, digital producers and journalists and folk from the wider creative industries. This talented bunch provide strategic and creative input into the hub lab programme, helping us to explore ideas that might have a ‘home’ within it. We’re incredibly grateful to them all for the support, encouragement and extra dimension they give us. And the excuse the meetings create for some extra special baking to go on.

Haidee Bell

Haidee Bell comes from UK innovation agency Nesta, an independent body with a mission to make the UK more innovative. Haidee ...Read more

Katherine Bond

Katherine is currently Director of Innovation at King’s Cultural Institute, King’s College London. She joined the College in ...Read more

Nancy Groves

Nancy Groves is founding editor of the Guardian Culture Professionals Network, the Guardian’s dedicated online ...Read more

Penny King

Penny has spent the last 10 years working for Arts Council England in various music specialist roles, most recently as acting ...Read more

Sam Lee

Sam is a folk singer, promoter and animateur who released his debut album “Ground Of Its Own’ in June 2012. It was nominated ...Read more

Howard Monk

Howard is a contemporary arts professional with over ten years experience running an independent music company, promoting ...Read more

Claire Rice

Claire Rice has worked at the BBC for 10 years and in that time has been responsible for launching some of their biggest ...Read more

Gavin Sharp

Gavin Sharp studied music at University College Salford before embarking on a professional career as musician and road ...Read more