RE-SET: virtual action learning for artists and creative freelancers

  • RE:SET is an action learning programme for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  • As Covid 19 continues to impact our careers and businesses, RE:SET provides the peer support we all need right now.
  • Not sure what action learning is? Imagine having a team of inspiring coaches helping you with the hard stuff, and you're in the right ball park.

As our lives continue to be up-ended by the pandemic, the need for connection and peer support is perhaps greater than it was even at the beginning of ‘all this’. So we're really pleased to be able to run a 2nd edition of RE:SET, our virtual action learning programme for artists and creative freelancers.  Already sold on the idea?! You can apply HERE.  

"Being part of an action learning set meant I found a community of likeminded people that have really been supportive and held me accountable to my creative ambitions. That's the key, finding a sort of mini family: a creative and professional family that helps you achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself."

In Edition #1, set members came from across the creative sector – from film makers to composers, theatre directors to technicians. Some were massively experienced, others starting out on their careers. What they all had in common was curiosity and generosity – a desire to be part of a new mutually supportive peer network.

Watch this video to hear how RE:SET helped them and why they think you should apply…


In Edition#2 we’re running 4 new ‘action learning sets’ (think of a ‘set’ as a peer coaching group and you have the right idea). Each 'set' will bring together a diverse mix of people from across the creative sector, who'll meet regularly to help each other explore challenges, opportunities and dilemmas and unlock new insights.

"I’d definitely say that had I not done it...I would have found the pandemic and 2020 a lot harder to get through, in terms of my own development, in terms of my own reflections, and even my anxiety."

Edition#2 runs from March-June 2021, with some ‘sets’ meeting weekly for 8 weeks and others fortnightly over 16 weeks. Our hope is that they’ll become a useful 'constant' for you during this period of ongoing uncertainty and frustration, and provide regular, ongoing support and connection at a time when we all need it more than ever.

It’s free to join a set, thanks to our partnership with the Creative Industries Federation and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Applications open 10 February and close on 28 February, and you can APPLY HERE

So, what is action learning, and how will RE:SET work? 

Imagine having a team (or 'set') of brilliant, inspiring coaches -  working with you to help you with the big decisions you need to make - and you’re in the right ball park. Sounds great, right? That’s what you’ll get if you join  one of our new virtual action learning 'sets' - that, and the chance to develop your own coaching and facilitation skills. 

Action learning involves working on real problems, focusing on learning and actually implementing solutions. When you join a set, it's incredible how quickly bonds of trust and relationships develop. We've run sets for hundreds of run sets for hundreds of creative freelancers up and down the country – from creative producers to illustrators, composers, copywriters and even acrobats! Over and over again, we've seen the action learning process unlock really powerful reflection, decision making and action – true 'lightbulb moments’ – and seen set members massively increase their confidence and resilience. And it works brilliantly online, using Zoom to bring us together. 

"Mostly after action learning, I feel an enormous sense of joy, and gratitude in the shared experience of strangers who’ve become friends. Oh and massive relief, that you’ve unburdened something you didn’t even know you were carrying, that you’ve supported somebody through their own problem...I take so much from each session, because so much of what the group bring is food for thought. I’ve learnt so much doing it."

Through being part of a set you’ll gain…

  • New insights and solutions
  • A new peer network – a go to bunch of peers you can trust to help you fathom stuff out
  • New skills that will help you develop your business and career
  • The knowledge, experience and confidence to set up your own action learning set

Like the sound of this? You can apply HERE.  

Watch our RE:SET video to find out more about action learning, and take a look at who you'll be working with...

Watch our RE:SET video 

Find out more about action learning from the hub's Director, Julia Payne. Watch and read more

Meet the RE:SET team

Find out more about Julia, Fiona and Steve, our super friendly action learning facilitators. Meet your facilitators

Find out more about this programme

We’re running 2 different kinds of action learning sets

Fortnightly sets

In these sets you’ll meet once a fortnight from towards the end of March-June. Find out more & apply

Watch our RE:SET Edition#1 participant video

Want to know how action learning helped our Edition#1 RE:SETTERS? And why they think you should apply this time around? Watch the video.

Weekly sets

In these sets you'll meet once a week from towards the end of March-May. Find out more & apply

How to apply and other FAQs

Head here to find out how to apply or if you’ve got a question about RE:SET or action learning. Find your answer