Super sets

The low down

These sets provide an intensive action learning and professional development experience, and are a bit more like a training course. This option could be just right for you if you need a fuel injection of inspiration to make a leap right now, or if you’re looking to develop some new facilitation skills as part of a career or business pivot.

Our ‘supersets’ will be guided by the hub’s Director, Julia Payne. Over the course of our 3 week programme, you’ll develop and hone your facilitation skills, sharpen your listening skills and build your confidence and reflection ‘muscles’. Plus, our action learning conversations will enable you and your set members to power through a host of opportunities, challenges and dilemmas you need help with. Trust us, by the end of this, you’ll be part of a crack peer support team on call for each other, be brimming with new ideas and firing on all cylinders!

All in already?! You can apply HERE


So what will we actually do?

Our ‘super sets’ will meet twice a week for 3 consecutive weeks (normally 1-5pm), including lots of screen and fresh air breaks. Everyone will get the chance to ‘facilitate’ a conversation and ‘present’ (which is what we call it when you bring to the group something you’d like to explore). We’ll generally have 3 group conversations each time we meet, plus spend some time exploring action learning in a bit more depth and reviewing how we’re working as a set.

In our first session, we’ll get to know each other and get inside the principles of action learning, and then we’ll get straight into our first couple of action learning ‘conversations’. We hope you’ll leave our first session together having met some great people, and with your head full of inspiration and ideas!

In our final session together, we’ll spend some time running through how to create your own action learning set. That’s because we really hope that you’ll be so inspired by action learning that you’ll decide to create your own action learning set for your own peers and friends.


What will I get from being in a ‘super set’?

These sets are perfect if you’re looking for an intensive professional development opportunity to you’re your next steps.

You’ll get inside how action learning works and understand how valuable it can be, present about your own challenges, opportunities and dilemmas, help your fellow set members unlock their own new insights, and learn how to become an action learning facilitator yourself.  Through taking part you’ll gain…

  • New insights and solutions to guide you through this period of massive change
  • A new peer network – a go to bunch of peers you can trust to help you fathom stuff out
  • New skills that will help you develop your business and career
  • The knowledge, experience and confidence to set up your own action learning set, and help others in the same way

What are the dates? And how much will it cost?

We’re running three super sets, on the following dates. Please note, to join a set you need to be able to come to ALL of the set meetings.

SuperSet #1:
11 Aug (12-5pm)
13, 18, 20 & 25 Aug (all 1-5pm)
27 Aug (12-5pm)

Concentrated Set #2:
15 Sep (12-5pm)
17, 22, 24 & 29 Sep (all 1-5pm)
1 Oct (12-5pm)

Concentrated Set #3:
13 Oct (12-5pm)
15, 20, 22 & 27 Oct (all 1-5pm)
29 Oct (12-5pm)


And in terms of cost, it’s all entirely free, as RE:SET is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. All we ask is that you commit to taking part in all of your ‘set’ meetings, so that you and your fellow members get the most from the experience, and that – if you decide action learning is for you – you’ll have a go at setting up your own follow on set afterwards. 


The deadline to apply is 12 July, and here’s how you apply

We hope this has inspired to join a set!

To apply, all you need to do is tell us a bit about you and which set(s) you’re interested in joining, using this really simple APPLICATION FORM.

It’ll take about 5-10 minutes tops, and should be easy to do. Any questions, do get in touch though: [email protected]


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