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In RE:SET Edition#1 close to 70 creative freelancers and entrepreneurs took part.  Between July – December 2020, we ran 8 action learning sets, which added up to almost 200 hours of group coaching support.

I find this way of learning really suits me. It’s about talking your way through the problems into a solution, with the rest of the group guiding you. It feels really supportive. I think the range of people in the group is really helpful. Everyone is bringing a slightly different approach to the challenge, so it directs you in new directions.

Delivered in partnership with the Creative Industries Federation, set members came from across the creative sector – from film makers to composers, theatre directors to technicians. Some were massively experienced, others just starting out on their careers.

I found it super helpful to be asked all those questions I’ve been feeling unable to pin down let alone answer… I feel really lucky to be part of Re:Set & in the particular set I’m in. It’s such a great set of mixed expertises, ages & life approaches.  I’ve had a couple of 1-1 coaching chats, but somehow this is more impactful.

What they all had in common was curiosity and generosity – a desire to be part of a new mutually supportive peer network.

Watch this video to get inside how RE:SET helped them and why they think you should apply this time around…

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