the hub team

Culturally curious thinkers and doers. Champions of the new and the interesting. Known for our entrepreneurialism, integrity and generosity. We’re in it to make a difference.

Look inside the hub team and you’ll find a group of highly skilled and respected, sector ‘savvy’, professionals who love working with other culturally curious people. We’re all active players in our specialist fields, bringing to the hub a collective, up-to-the minute knowledge and understanding of the live, recorded, broadcast and digital music worlds. We rank in our number artists, managers, fundraisers, marketers, digital and creative producers and promoters, and collectively we’ve worked in and for organisations of every shape and size – from small start ups to major industry players, national funding bodies, non-government organisations and everything in between – and for ourselves.

We’re citizens of the commercial and subsidised world, multi-lingual explorers on a mission to inspire, develop and share new thinking and practice. It’s this combination of specialist skills and knowledge and wide-ranging experience, coupled with a real desire to make a difference to the cultural sector we’ve grown up in, that characterises the hub team.