National Campaign for the Arts: Evaluation of member services

In 2011 the National Campaign for the Arts asked the hub to assist the organisation in identifying the organisation’s future viability, and mapping out a recommended strategy for the organisation’s future development.

As part of this we carried out an evaluation study amongst its 450 members, which measured the impact of each strand of the NCA’s programme, and canvassed respondents’ opinions on which aspects of the programme should be continued into the future. We also undertook a wider piece of research amongst the 21 000 subscribers to its I Value The Arts campaign. To do this we carried out three online surveys – one of current members, one of lapsed members and the other of IVTA subscribers. We also carried out focus groups made up of current and lapsed members and interviews with a wide range of sector bodies to contextualise our findings.

Our analysis and recommendations were presented to the board, as part of a wider strategic planning report.