Matthew Linley

Associate and Producer

Matthew is one of the producers behind our Phrased & Confused commissions, tours and festivals, as well as other live events we’ve produced, including the Interrogate! festivals we produced for Dartington. He also plays a key role in all our digital activity, and is a director of hub lab.

More usually, Matthew is to be found in Liverpool where he is CEO and Artistic Director of Unity Theatre.

Matthew has also worked as a freelance producer and consultant, when he produced UK tours for BadCo (Croatia), Damir Indos Bartol (Croatia), Murray Lachlan Young (UK), Jammy Voo (UK) and the Bloody Brits (UK). For 10 years he ran arts centres, in Bath (Michael Tippett Centre), Reading (21 South Street) and Leicester (Phoenix Arts), where he led on the capital development of the new Phoenix development in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.

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