Remi Harris


Remi shows creatives, arts organisations and entrepreneurs how to write about what they do in a way that makes funders want to back them. As a consultant who has secured more than a million pounds for clients, Remi has become an expert in helping people understand what funders want and how to turn their great ideas and passion projects into financial successes.

Her 15 years in the music industry, as a Director of Operations at UK Music and General Manager at Association of Independent Music, stands her in good stead as a consultant.

At the hub, Remi was part of the team who worked on the 2016 Going International research we did for the British Council into the support British musicians and music organisations need to work internationally. She’s also put her business planning skills to work as a trainer on the OneFest programme we’re currently working on.

Remi has a degree in Psychology and an MBA, and is author of the book: Easy Money? The Definitive Guide to Funding Music Projects in the UK (University of Westminster, 2013) and a contributor to publications including, The Works, Music Week and Complete Music Update.

Remi is based in London and is the founder of and, like Julia, is a Business Adviser for Creative United.

Follow Remi on twitter @RemiMcHarris