Festival Marketing Internship Opportunity

the hub is on the hunt for a hungry marketer looking to get a break in music. If you think you?ve got marketing in your genes, are looking for somewhere to prove it, and are passionate about all sorts of new music, then we?d love to hear from you. We?re looking for a marketing intern to join the team working on this year?s Fertilizer festival & tour, scheduled for May. You can check out previous Fertilizer Festivals at our website: fertilizerfestival.com

the hub co-produces Fertilizer with sound uk. The team behind Fertilizer is dynamic, entrepreneurial and passionate about good music. As part of that team you?ll get to work on putting together the marketing strategy for the festival, creating on- and off-line publicity materials, building our distribution networks and online presence and getting involved in our PR. We hope that during your three months with us you?ll pick up skills, experience and contacts that will prove useful to you in your future career, and that you?ll have lots of fun into the bargain.

Alongside all this marketing activity, you?ll also get hands on experience of working in a small, busy and friendly team, and will help us to keep things running smoothly.

We?re looking for someone to join our team from the end of February 2009 and be part of it for until the end of May 2009, working 3-4 days a week. So if you?re keen to hone your marketing skills, are passionate about music, like words and have a way with them and are a good team player, we?d love to hear from you. You?ll also need good computer skills, and to be able to commit to being part of our team for three months. In return, we?ll pay your expenses and make sure your internship is something of real value to you. We?re based in east London, by the way.
Here is what Gemma Scott, one of our recent Interns, said about this internship:
“Finding direction in an arts based career can be difficult in many ways. The hub?s Internship has gifted me with the experience of working closely as part of a team with devoted and respected professionals, and has inspired me to pursue a career in arts development and education. I worked on a range of varied and exciting projects and this helped me understand the many ways in which different people contribute to the arts industry through their various job roles to achieve some spectacular results. The guys at the hub are friendly and supportive and will readily adapt the experience towards individual interests and requirements. I would highly recommend this Internship to anyone wanting to progress with a career in the arts.?

If you?d like to apply to join our team, please send Andi Studer your CV and a covering letter, telling us about your skills, interests, career ambitions, why you are interested in working with the hub and what you can contribute to the team. Andi?s email address is: andi@thehubuk.com

The deadline for getting your application to us is: Weds 18 February 2009
Interviews will be held on Tues 24 February 2009