From Now On Festival packed with fans of indie, electronic and experimental music

A sell-out celebration of the "edgy Welsh-language music scene" translates well into the mainstream - with thrashing harp, ethereal electro pop and a little help from LA's Lucky Dragons. Read More

Utilitarian austerity and noise music provide sensory assault in The Bunker

New Music Plus producer John Stevens's "vicious mix" of noise music and visuals in an austere setting is a sensory assault for serious listeners at Bristol's Arnolfini. Kate Molleson reviews.Read More

For those in peril on the sea. A haunting choral commemoration

Lachrymose was a choral commemoration of local people lost at sea. The choir's disembodied voices made the performance a strikingly abstract but beautiful experience. Kate Molleson was there.Read More

Traditional folk veterans in a slick new venue are “utterly heartening”

It's been years since The Voice Squad last performed in Belfast but a hearty cheer goes up when three grey-haired gents walk across the stage in smart black concert gear and take to their vocal mics like old pros. Kate Molleson was there.Read More

Excerpts from “the longest album in history”

Terre Thaemlitz performed excerpts from his Soulnessless "the longest album in history" at the Sheffield Showroom. Reviewer Kate Molleson found the ideas underpinning the art project "caustic" and "hostile" but enjoyed the "lively and diverse discussion" that the event provoked. Read More

Music Language Redux with Cry Parrot and Dundee Contemporary Arts

New Music Plus... producer Fielding Hope creates curates an immersive showcase of extreme juxtapositions for "open-minded" audiences contrasting noise, folk, hip-hop and indie. Kate Molleson was there.Read More

Sarah Kenchington's windpipes

Wind Pipes for Edinburgh by Sarah Kenchington and Suzy Glass

Kate Molleson reviews the giant, colour-coded instrument that anyone can play – commissioned as part of the New Music Plus… initiative Sarah Kenchington builds outlandish instruments at her home in the hills just north of Glasgow. Her latest, Wind Pipes for Edinburgh commissioned by the Edinburgh Art Festival, is a wheezy pipe organ made out […]Read More