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the voice squad

Traditional folk veterans in a slick new venue are “utterly heartening”

It's been years since The Voice Squad last performed in Belfast but a hearty cheer goes up when three grey-haired gents walk across the stage in smart black concert gear and take to their vocal mics like old pros. Kate Molleson was there.Read More


New music has never had a golden age unless it’s right here, right now

New music has never had a golden age - unless it's right here, right now says Tom Robinson as the Joining the Dots programme launches encouraging bright ideas to make the music industry more viable. Read More

Roller Trio

A time of seismic change in music requires new models

As arguments about how to monetise music in a digital age continue, the hub’s director Julia Payne says new funding and support project Joining the Dots could be the answer.Read More

Terre Thaemlitz

Excerpts from “the longest album in history”

Terre Thaemlitz performed excerpts from his Soulnessless "the longest album in history" at the Sheffield Showroom. Reviewer Kate Molleson found the ideas underpinning the art project "caustic" and "hostile" but enjoyed the "lively and diverse discussion" that the event provoked. Read More

NMPUK MIMA Debbie and Kate Walters

Top tips for partnership from our New Music Plus… producers

Six great pearls of wisdom from our New Music Plus... producers on partnering with a large organisation. From nailing the budget early on to challenging your host organisation to think differently.Read More

In search of maverick new models…

Over the last few weeks the future of the music industry, who controls it and the role of technology has been under the spotlight. the hub's Matthew Linley aggregates the arguments surrounding music's brave new world.Read More

Asparagus Piss Raindrop on stage in Dundee

Music Language Redux with Cry Parrot and Dundee Contemporary Arts

New Music Plus... producer Fielding Hope creates curates an immersive showcase of extreme juxtapositions for "open-minded" audiences contrasting noise, folk, hip-hop and indie. Kate Molleson was there.Read More

Julia Payne at WOMEX

Joining the Dots at WOMEX

More than 2,000 delegates, from 90 countries talking through the current issues facing the music industry. No wonder it was standing room only for the launch of the hub's Joining the Dots project. Read More

Georgia Ruth

Three days jam packed full of music a Womex review

From 24th to 27th October the hub team were at Womex, here is Matthew Linley's blog diary of the gigs the team saw.Read More

Sarah Kenchington's windpipes

Wind Pipes for Edinburgh by Sarah Kenchington and Suzy Glass

Kate Molleson reviews the giant, colour-coded instrument that anyone can play – commissioned as part of the New Music Plus… initiative Sarah Kenchington builds outlandish instruments at her home in the hills just north of Glasgow. Her latest, Wind Pipes for Edinburgh commissioned by the Edinburgh Art Festival, is a wheezy pipe organ made out […]Read More