Kicking off a summer of work with the National Campaign for the Arts

the hub is excited to be working with the National Campaign for the Arts this summer.

Over the next three months we’ll be working with the NCA, which campaigns and avocates for the arts sector across the UK, to help the organisation chart a new strategic course. At a time of almost unparalleled change in the sector, this is a crucial point in the NCA’s history, as it looks to identify how it can provide the most effective support to those working as artists or in arts organisations.

To help determine the organisation’s next moves, our work will include surveys of existing and former NCA members, plus widespread consultation with a good range of people working in the sector, and in funding, policy-making and umbrella organisations.

We’ll also be surveying the 21000+ people who’ve pledged support for the I Value The Arts campaign.

This feedback will inform our work to develop a set of strategic recommendations for the organisation from 2012 onwards.

More details here as the surveys go live…