Help us to Free The Word! at the National Theatre

Free The Word!As part of International PEN’s Free The Word! festival, the hub are producing a lively event to be held in the Late Lounge at the National Theatre on Saturday 12 April called The Insulting Cabaret. So what’s it all about I hear you ask?

Hosted by comedy duo Noble and Silver, you can expect fast-paced laughter and a thought-provoking show, packed with outspoken voices, slam poetry and comedy, banned songs and provocative texts, book covers and cartoons, live blogging and much much more.

One person’s insult is another person’s joke. Got a favourite insult or banned work? To insult or not insult – where do you draw the line? Please email insults, stories, poems or even song lyrics to

For information on how to buy tickets and what else is going down at Free The Word!, click here to download a full brochure.