The first Varna seas club!

Its about seven in the morning here and Ive just watched the most amazing sunrise over the black sea.  In fact we?ve been all a glow since the SEAS club kicked into gear.  Its an incredible mix of music from the North and Black seas, theatre, happenings and very, very good company.  There?s still two nights left so if your anywhere near Varna (or Mangalia next week) get down here.

The filming of Night SceneThe evening kicked off at 9.30 with Metro Boulot Dodo?s Night Scene  – a kind of play within a film.  The   film crew are desperately trying to finish the shoot of a new movie and the crowd quickly become essential players in the story.  Shot out of sequence the film narrative (a love story) jumps back and forth ? in between drinking, chatting and smoking your left to try and work what on earth is going on.  What is clear is that all is not well within the close knit group of actors and you find yourself being unwittingly drawn into several personal stories.  Quite brilliantly the piece end with the film itself when  literally minutes after finishing shooting the audience get to see the finished product.

Beer TouristIn the next room two drunk English football fans begin an epic journey in Varna on the look out for sex!.  As the drinks are drowned the pair?s views become more and more outlandish, their behaviour more aggressive  and their opinions more offensive  Though at times deeply uncomfortable Beer Tourist (by Wunderbaum)is  a  savagely funny and occasionally touching exploration of two men and their obsession with football, beer and sex.  Some people cant take it and walk out others lap it up.  Whichever camp  you sit in it will certainly leaves you thinking!

DJ DogusSeas club Varnathe seas club varnaAt about midnight the music kicks in.  Once again DJ Dogus   played an extended guest slot of music from around the globe.  Those Turkish beats quickly had everyone on the dance floor and a great party atmosphere ensued well into the early hours.  In amongst the dancing there was a tremendous amount of conversation and inter cultural discussion, the hall mark of the SEAS project.  So if you are anywhere near Varna today or tomorrow do make sure you come down …its well worth it!.