Odessa Files

We landed in Odessa yesterday and immediately met a host of other artists from countries as diverse as Sweden, Romania and Croatia ? all here to participate in the SEAS adventure!

We?ve been too busy to do any real exploring of the city as yet, but on first impressions, Odessa is a beautiful place, with wide tree-lined boulevards. A wind band was playing on the central square when we arrived and we?re looking forward to hearing the city’s disco fountain in action! New money has very conspicuously arrived here and Odessa is an intriguing mix of bling, top designer fashion houses, enormous 4x4s, pot-holed roads and crumbling buildings.  View photos

Our first DJ workshop was at the Exit Club, a lo-fi, underground club with a network of small rooms and alternative clientele. Perfect!

Our musician friends and translators Sergei Klein and Andrei Sechkovski of ukr.tele.kom had lined up a series of informal music-sharings with what they said were the best musicians and djs in the city and we weren?t disappointed! We listened to some fantastic music and booked local djs for the SEAS club nights Deirdre will be running on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We also have musicians willing to perform live on all three nights and we?re really excited about this! We?ll be telling you more about the musicians and djs over the next few blogs. Do svidanija!