First post from Varna

  So the SEAS moves to Varna ? Bulgaria?s third city sitting proudly (and warmly) on the Black Sea.  Already we?ve met lots of fascinating people  and have been bowled over by the friendliness and welcoming nature of the Bulgarian people.  Ivor , for example, took me on a whistle stop  tour of all the best bars and clubs for  music and all because I asked what the scene was like!

We spent the day listening to the local talent over at the Comics club.  A former cinema it?s decked out in a rich but decaying red which only adds to the theatricality of the place.  The massive canvasses that lean precariously on the grand stair well give the space an air of decadence and fading grandeur.  We learnt this space hit its peak (as a club) three years ago but right now it?s a perfect spot for the SEAS club. Tonight ? for the first time ? the venue will host performances by Metro Boulot Dodo (UK, and Wunderbahm (Netherlands, and the SEAS DJs ? including a final set by DJ Dogus which will , no doubt, reel in the crowds!

At the play list panel we met a host of fascinating DJs.  Minamalist techno is a big here and there is a confident and talented bunch of young (in some cases very young) emerging DJs including Slammer (, Swill (, Teejay ( and Inspecta (  Many of these have been mentored, encouraged and developed by DJ Kozin ( and  You?ll be able to hear more from Kozin on the pod cast.

We?ve also spent time with DJ Emotion, a former hip hop chart topper and now in his thirties very much an establishment figure in Varna.  He now divides his time between the lucrative slots in local hotels (both here and in Golden Sands) and his creative projects including his band, Evolution ( which features dj, trumpet, sax and piano.  According to Emotion its Varna?s sunrise over the sea which drives his ? and many other artists ? creativity.  When you sit in the beach bars Ivor introduced me too you can well believe it….

It?s been fascinating so far ? but you suspect theres so much more to come.  And right now the excitement is building as the Seas Club Varna gets ever closer!!