Friday night at Seas

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Friday saw the first of our local based musicians.  Mitko aka Violent Public Disorderax  provided a  completely different sound scape to Dogus the night before, entertaining the Seas crowd  with his down tempo chill out grooves which gradually built to a thrilling creshendo as the night reached its climax.  Like Kousin Miko  is a music maker with many strings to his bow ? he s a key figure in trip beat miks ( a loose collection of musicians in Varna and runs ? a web site based label.  What makes dusted wax special is its attitude – you can stream and download all the music for FREE.  ?It?s the future of music? he tells us passionately.

in action

All the music he played can be found on dusted wax so why not check it out, recreate the night itself and support this enterprising venture.  Here are just a few of the tracks he played:-

Violent Public Disorderaz ? Memory

Mr Moods and LR-60 ? Mirage

Mr Moods ? Once Upon s Time in Westside

Violent Public Disorderaz ? Perfect Chill

Shoto ? G Soul

Merlume ? Deeper

Violent Moods ? Place for Crazy People

Violent Public Disorderaz ? Brife Expressing Time (feat. Translent)

Amongst the crowd were a number of our play list panel ? including DJs Nikki and Swill.  Swill left a CD of pictures from the panel whilst Nikki and Deirdre had a chat for the podcast.  You can see more of Swill?s pictures at our Flick-R site.

Once again the club had been preceded by performances by Metro Boulot Dodo and Wunderbahm (though the absence of a key white shirt with red pin stripe almost caused one of the shows to be cancelled…if you know its whereabouts please do return it to its rightful owners!). 

seas club friday night varna

There?s one night to go here in Varna and already DJ Deirdre is cooking up an thrilling line up with one or two surprises so if you can make it do check it out.  It?s bound to be a fitting end to the Seas club in Varna ? and with Comics due to be demolished soon  it will be one of the last ever nights in the venue.  And then its onward to Mangalia for the final dates of this leg of the extraordinary expedition which is SEAS.

(pictures to come!)