Training brochure out now!


Here we?re at hub towers we?re excited and delighted to be launching our new training brochure this month. It?s full of training courses based on client feedback about what they – and the people they work with ? need, and covers areas such as business planning, fundraising, digital strategy and production, legal and finance essentials, creative production, music industry essentials making the Olympics work for you. Easily navigable, each section outlines example frameworks, content and learning outcomes, and it also talks you through how we work with clients to customize our training sessions to ensure that they provide exactly what?s needed.

As you may already know, the hub has a strong track record as a training organisation; over the years we?ve worked with music industry bodies and development agencies to train hundreds of artists, promoters, producers, label managers and others working in the cultural sector. In response to demand, we?ve done more and more training each year. We really enjoy training; it?s inspiring to spend time with other industry professionals keen to find new answers and try out new ideas – and it keeps us on our toes! As trainers, the hub gives people what they want: industry-specific training, full of relevant, practical advice and information that can be put into practice straight away; trainers who continue to do pay their dues and are generous with their knowledge, and plenty of opportunities for debate, questions and networking. All of our trainers are specialist ?industry insiders?, who combine significant training expertise with up-to-the-minute practical experience of working as managers, producers, fundraisers, marketers or project managers.

Our Fundraising and Sponsorship courses cover everything from government funds to private investment; as the credit crunch kicks in and industry models shift, injecting cash into small businesses will be harder but all the more important. Our Digital Strategy and Production courses are a 21st Century reality check, explaining how to get digitally savvy on a shoestring, build a business-focused digital ?toolkit?; check out the hugely popular Penniless Podcaster too! We cover the live stuff too ? our Creative Production courses cover everything people need to know to make their events a success ? the checklist, health & safety, logistic ? the lot. Everyone hates business planning, right? Our Business Planning courses are renowned for cutting through the c*** and getting people inspired and on-track. The same is true of our Music Industry Essentials courses, aimed at artists and entrepreneurs alike, which show you how to make money from your music and grow your music business. Meanwhile our Legal & Financial Essentials sessions tackle contracts, copyright, legal and company structures, boards and governance, demystifying all that legal jargon. And, If you want to build your international know how, check out our International Arts courses, which explain how to work internationally, and ? the one we all want to crack ? how to make the Olympics work for you.

We hope you enjoy reading our first ever Training Guide; we?re very excited about it, and we?d love to explore with you how we might be able to work together. To find out more, give us a call on 020 7377 1373 or email