Panel 5: The kids are alright: building younger audiences for beyond mainstream music

In the Chair: Oli Kluczewski (independent producer and project manager)

Saying what they think: Dom Hodge (Frukt); Lucy Wood (Eat Your Own Ears); Wired 4 Sound rep; Nwando Ebizie (Nonclassical)

If artists and promoters are to have viable futures, it’s vital that they attract younger audiences, people in their late teens or early 20s. But with thousands of mainstream bands or gigs also vying for their attention, how can they do that? Is it about younger promoters? Different kinds of gigs? What about the sharing and curating culture that technology encourages? Or do we just need to get better at marketing what we do? What can we learn or adapt from the mainstream music industry?

This seemingly perennial issue feels like it’s been around since even the oldest amongst us were young, so where is it all going wrong, and what can we do to increase younger audiences?

Tackling these questions and more, and sharing insights from their own work, five people with amazing experience across in programming, marketing, branding and running participatory projects – and in being young themselves. These guys know there’s stuff, and we’re so lucky to have got them all in one place at one time. Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be good…!

Panel times: 5.20pm-6.00pm

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