The One Dayer is back by popular demand, rammed full of new thinking to rocket-fuel your future. Last year’s delegates went home galvanized by what they’d learnt and inspired by the fresh ideas and brilliant mix of people they met. So what’s new this year? Julia Payne explains why this year’s One Dayer is bigger, better […]Read More

One Dayer News – The Future of Digital Tech & Live Music

A major strand of the ONE DAYER on 1st July in Camden is dedicated to emerging digital technology and how we can all better harness it to drive more people to the live experience, and once they’re at our gigs spend more money.   The provocation, panel and insights sessions we’ve programmed as part of […]Read More


Thought-provoking questions and ideas keep us all on our toes, which is why we’re delighted to announce we’re partnering with two real heavyweights – The Digital R&D Fund and youth research agency YouthSight – on the programme for our #OneDayer on 1 July. As part of their partnership with us, each organisation will be giving […]Read More

Curious and Generous

This time last week, the hub’s director Julia Payne, opened The One Dayer with a call for all of us working in independent music to be more curious and generous. Here she explains why she’s trying to kickstart a ‘community of the curious and the generous’… When we started planning JTD we had two truths […]Read More

Pitching to Win

Congratulations to Living Indie – winners of the One Dayer Pitch Party! As voted for live in the room by the Pitch Party audience, Living Indie won the battle of the pitchers at last Friday’s One Dayer. Livingindietv.com – live streams concerts, in London and Spain, to connected devices, while also offering a way for […]Read More

Using the Gigzine app for audience interaction

Steve Symons will be giving us a live demonstration of his audience engagement app at Friday’s One Dayer. If you’re coming to the event, you’ll get a chance to test out how Gigzine works as a voting app – during the Pitch Party – giving you a chance to tell us which pitch is the […]Read More

Firestarters? Gigstarter’s looking to create a big disruption

As they warm up for Friday’s Pitch Party at the #OneDayer – Gigstarter’s Donal Scannell talks us through one issue he says prevents musicians from making a good living in independent live music.  It’s worth remembering that artists and their fans are the ones ultimately paying for everything in the music industry including a lot of […]Read More

Our Speakers Said: Alan Davey, Arts Council England

Alan Davey, CEO of Arts Council England is taking part in the One Dayer this Friday 12 September – joining a panel of experts looking at the future of income generation and helping us navigate the funding landscape. We asked him what he thinks the burning issues are for musicians, venues and others working in independent music.  It’s important that […]Read More

Show me the money

Our Speakers Said….

We asked Kheron Kenardo (Live and Love Talent), Sybil Bell (Independent Venue Week), and Rich Myers (Transmit Start-Ups) what the One Dayer means to them.       1. Why are you excited to be part of The One Dayer?    Kheron: I’m excited about speaking at the One Dayer because it addresses an isolated […]Read More

the future of the music industry graphic

Panel 2: Cutting the cake differently – new financial models for independent music

In the Chair: Ruth Barnes (Amazing Radio) Saying what they think: Rob Challice (Coda); Cliff Fluet (Lewis Silkin) Nicholas Lovell (Games Brief); Gavin Sharp (Inner City Music); Laura Jurd (musician) The bottom line is that there is less money around – promoters have less money, and punters are spending less – everyone’s a bit more […]Read More