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john stevens

Utilitarian austerity and noise music provide sensory assault in The Bunker

New Music Plus producer John Stevens's "vicious mix" of noise music and visuals in an austere setting is a sensory assault for serious listeners at Bristol's Arnolfini. Kate Molleson reviews.Read More

Deconstructed Dansette record player

In search of the musical game-changers of 2014

House gigs, live streaming and hit-predicting software are just some of the changes affecting how we discover, share and make music. But who will be the game-changers of 2014. We ask industry experts to future-gaze and invite YOU to be a music industry game-changer too.Read More

Fertilizer Festival crowd

How to get more young people to beyond mainstream gigs

In the last of our three blogs on Joining the Dots’ key areas of focus we look at how building younger audiences for live independent music can increase your revenue. Read More

For those in peril on the sea. A haunting choral commemoration

Lachrymose was a choral commemoration of local people lost at sea. The choir's disembodied voices made the performance a strikingly abstract but beautiful experience. Kate Molleson was there.Read More

audience at seas club Tromso

Time for a change in commissioning and touring new music?

After widespread consultation within the music industry, the hub is focusing on three key areas for our Joining the Dots project. In the second of three blogs giving greater insight into our themes, we look at how using digital technology could get more people to gigs and spend more when they are there.Read More

man with mobile phone

Got a bright ideas for using technology to increase attendance at gigs?

The first of three blogs giving more detail on the three key areas where our Joining the Dots project is looking for inspiring ideas. Starting with 21st century ideas using digital technology to get more people to gigs and spend more when they are there! Read More

the voice squad

Traditional folk veterans in a slick new venue are “utterly heartening”

It's been years since The Voice Squad last performed in Belfast but a hearty cheer goes up when three grey-haired gents walk across the stage in smart black concert gear and take to their vocal mics like old pros. Kate Molleson was there.Read More


New music has never had a golden age unless it’s right here, right now

New music has never had a golden age - unless it's right here, right now says Tom Robinson as the Joining the Dots programme launches encouraging bright ideas to make the music industry more viable. Read More

Roller Trio

A time of seismic change in music requires new models

As arguments about how to monetise music in a digital age continue, the hub’s director Julia Payne says new funding and support project Joining the Dots could be the answer.Read More

Terre Thaemlitz

Excerpts from “the longest album in history”

Terre Thaemlitz performed excerpts from his Soulnessless "the longest album in history" at the Sheffield Showroom. Reviewer Kate Molleson found the ideas underpinning the art project "caustic" and "hostile" but enjoyed the "lively and diverse discussion" that the event provoked. Read More