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Evaluation Podcast

Earlier this year the hub was commissioned by Sound Connections to deliver a podcast training project for young disabled musicians and producers. Over the course of five half day workshops we worked with the participants to develop their recording and production skills and to devise and record content for their own podcast. We also invited […]Read More

Last, But by no Means Least – Podcast Connections

Our Saturday morning podcast project at Stratford Media Circus finally came to an end this week. We were joined by two BBC radio producers who offered feedback to the participants and talked about how they could develop there skills.With bags of experience and enthusiasm, we all benefited from there received wisdom and we at times […]Read More

The Music Mashup Podcast Group

With one more session to go, we’ve been busy tying up any loose ends and making sure we have recorded all the material we need to assemble all our shorter audio pieces into one big one. One big Podcast that is – made up of interviews, the groups favourite tracks, stories, sound FX, narration and […]Read More

Podcast Connections Session Three

This Saturday saw the podcast group get to grips with creating an original story and learning how to jazz it up and flesh it out with sound effects sourced from the collective hard drives of Stuart and Tom. Hosting more participants than ever, we worked in separate groups to create two very different pieces of […]Read More

Bring Out the Percussion

This week, we have focussed on working as a group. After an initial brainstorming session, we came up with the name Music Mashup Podcasters which we think reflects what we have been up to in our workshops. The next logical step was to create an indent for the group which was a lot of fun […]Read More

Podcast Connections Kicks Off with Sound Start

The day is Saturday, March 8th and we have just finished our first podcasting workshop at Circus Media, Stratford which is delivered in association with Sound Connections and Youth Music Action Zones. The group of young people seemed to enjoy themselves a great deal and commented on how they were looking forward to attending next […]Read More