Podcast Connections Session Three

This Saturday saw the podcast group get to grips with creating an original story and learning how to jazz it up and flesh it out with sound effects sourced from the collective hard drives of Stuart and Tom. Hosting more participants than ever, we worked in separate groups to create two very different pieces of storytelling, including such edge-of-the-seat antics as police chases, trick or treaters, revenge and celebration parties that even we grown-ups couldn’t rival.

It was great to find focus with the young people and demonstrate to them how they could polish up their work using the editing suite – a kind of aural airbrushing! The addition of our in-house wordsmith Jasmine, meant the participants could really explore the relationship between writing stories and using sound effects. A rather extensive collection made it possble to add depth to their stories that featured Big Ben, horses whinnying, doorbells and more. We are building on the skills of the group and are moving towards a nice body of work.