SEAS Club…Tromso

seas club TromsoIn Victorian times Tromsø earned the moniker ?Paris of the North? but not for obvious reason of architecture, oh no, it was so called because the ladies of this Arctic Circle outpost were wearing the latest fashions before the rest of Scandinavia. Today the adage still holds true and despite its diminutive size and remote location Tromsø oozes style and an eccentric musical palate.

SEAS Club is back on its travels and has sailed into the port of Tromso in the very north of Norway. Surrounded by mountains, Tromso bills itself as the gateway to the Arctic and you certainly get the feeling of being very north indeed.

This week Seas club is cohabiting in Kunstforenig with Anna Lise Steneth?s enlarged ?The Kiss and Waste Project”, the official festival information centre and the Seas Canteen & Bar. This neo-classical building was designed by Lars Solberg as a museum in 1894 and therefore can hold us all effortlessly. It?s a welcoming informal place and most importantly has extremely thick walls and is set back from the sea so we can make as much noise as we like! Today to launch Seas Club we?ll be joined by Georgian VJ and film director Wato Tsereteli from Tbilisi and Tuesday local VJ?s Elizabeth Brun &a Erica Restoften will sprinkle their magic over our eclectic playlist.

We’re also running webcasting workshops over at the local youth centre Tvibit so hopefully you’ll get to see some of our work by the end of the week!