The One Dayer Pitch Party – Sponsored by PRS for Music

After many cups of tea and alot of deliberation, these seven companies were selected to present their game-changing ideas at the Pitch Party during our One Dayer on 12 September.


Steve Symons from kicked off the event with a pitch about muio’s Gigzine app and invited the audience to use Gigzine to vote for their favourite pitch. The Gigzine mobile app enables audiences to interact in real time with live events and gigs.


Choosic is a fast and effortless music discovery application for mobile devices that delivers personalised music recommendations through a smart and intuitive user interface. By simplifying music discovery from a multi-step process down to one swipe of a finger, their aim is to make discovering new music ever more accessible.   Their audience can gain access to the freshest and most trending music from around the web that usually isn’t available on major streaming platforms, offering a mix of emerging and established music.


Lobster is a marketplace for digital content created by social media users. It’s an ‘iTunes store’ for user- generated content. Lobster believes that user generated content deserves to be treated in the same way as professional product, service or work of art and their aim is to build the platform to make it happen.


StepUp lets you watch YouTube videos in bite sized steps – geared to short attention spans and a limited time to watch long videos.  StepUp provides an easy online tool to let you pick the most important part of the video and loop like “Vine for YouTube” by embedding the original video and programmatically looping the part you picked (hence no downloading nor infringing copyrights of the original). You can use it to loop your favourite cat video as GIF alternative, compile show reel from talk shows, or learn your favourite dance move.

Gigstarter helps musicians track their fans and sell tickets to shows without risk or hassle. Traditionally the venue is booked, the show is announced and then tickets are sold – leaving musicians with a lot of pressure to fill the venue. With Gigstarter that process is flipped – sell the tickets then book the show. Their aim is to help musicians target their fans, sell the tickets and play the perfect venues. Gigstarter provides musicians with valuable fan data – highlighting who and where their most valuable fans are. No Upfront costs. No Risk. Musicians make music. We make it a living.


Screens are shrinking. Desktop computers are being replaced by mobile and wearable devices. The amount of content being created is increasing, whilst our need to stay informed and educated is as high as ever. Audio is now the best way to passively consume great content. Audiowings are developing an audio-focused content platform to power the next wave of wearable devices – smart headphones. The smart headphones understand their context and work with the platform to play content you want to listen too. Think Google Glass. But for your ears.

Living Indie

Living Indie live streams concerts, in London and Spain, to connected devices, while also offering a way for fans to connect through social media. Though they are primarily a platform, they handle the entire streaming process, from production to sales, marketing and distribution. They also undertake extensive social media campaigns ourselves to promote events. Living Indie’s business model is primarily B2B, gaining brand partnerships, public viewing and content distribution but will later be B2C, via pay-per-view and subscriptions. To date, they have streamed 45 acts attracting more than 50,000 views and have worked with names including Universal, The Quietus magazine, and the Village Underground.

The Pitch Party took place at the One Dayer on 12 September – a conference exploring Finance, Technology and the Future of Independent Music – with 50+ speakers with expertise in music, funding, start-ups, technology and promotion. Hear from Nicholas Lovell, author of The Curve, Jason Phipp (Guardian Technology)  and learn from lawyer Cliff Fluet about the new models and youtube millionaires he’s worked with.