Looking to the future of music, tech and finance: summary of the #OneDayer Insight programme

Alongside the main conference strand of the #Onedayer, the hub ran an insight programme – short presentations by experts in their own field which looked out into the future and shared (roughly!) five key ideas.

Brittney Bean (@brittneybean) of SpinTune kicked off a fascinating morning, with her five things she sees on the digital horizon that the independent music sector needs to have a handle on.

Brittney talked about:-
• Playlists and why they matter (with some handy tips on how to get on them)
• New tools (mentioning Splice, LANDR)
• Ticketing (mentioning new ways of buying Dice, subscription service Jukely and RFID wristbands)
• Data-
• New Formats (mentioning Flux FX and Bronze)

As an aside its interesting how much of what Brittney talked about reflected the issues that the Bring and Byters grappled with. For more on that watch this (and as Baz, chair of ACE mentioned, look out for the bird song!)

Worth mentioning the thing that roused an audible gasp was facebook ads facility to input e mails, and then for it ‘look a like audience’.

Next up was Chris T-T himself (who squeezed the #onedayer in before hot footing it up to Manchester for a Mark Riley session which you can hear here ). Chris’ provocation explored direct artist to fan communication, or how to be fan-tastic. Chris’ five for the day were

• Understand what kind of artist you are and want to be perceived to be
• Don’t forget e mail, (e mail first)
• Have a two tier approach to direct artist to fan conversation
• Be cool
• Don’t forget the music.

christt notes

Picking up many of the threads of both Brittney’s and Chris’ presentations (including theme of the day – E MAIL IS THE NUMBER ONE TOOL) Charlie Ivens talked about Making Social work for You. Charlie’s areas of focus were

• If you can’t social, don’t social
• Be Yourself…(unless you are a terrible person….or as Chris argues decide who you are online)
• Think about your audiences and pay attention to the medium you are working in!
• Be platform agnostic, use them all, and see what works for you (see also Chris T-T two tier approach)
• Post in haste, repent at leisure
• Keep up with new technologies
• And don’t be a sea lion

Charlie Ivens

Charlie posted a whole series of useful resources online to accompany his presentation, including what is sea lioning(!), which you can find here.

Before Charlie, Felix Canetty-Clarke of media insight consulting picked up on one of Brittney’s themes around data, in his presentation Data Do’s Don’ts, Will Won’ts. The session riffed around the uses of data (including how data can be made to say different things) as well as having some handy tips in the writing of consumer surveys. Felix’s final slide neatly summed up the session:-

‘Date can help…but make sure it is the right data…from the right source, and don’t forget there is a place for backing yourself’

Backing yourself was also a key theme in the final insight session of the day – a look of the future of funding for music, and indeed wider arts projects. Wendy Smithers painted a picture for the future of less public money, of fewer trusts and foundations, of more mixed income sources (including commercial partners requiring a range of additional benefits). Wendy’s top tips were:-

• Stop being British and ASK.
• Clearly articulate what your ask is – care about it, be passionate about the ask, make it exciting and distinctive.
• Do your research – Test what you are asking for.
• Have a plan, use it and allow enough time

wendy smithers

All in all a very insightful day!