Balance#10 – Help! I need somebody… Here’s what you missed!

We’re stronger together, but knowing how to help can be tricky. And asking for help can be even trickier, especially at times like this, when things are apparently getting back to normal (whatever that is). Sometimes – whether we’re the one offering help, or the one who needs it – we are simply our own worst enemies.

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, things are changing once again. The way we’ll be working will change, the way that we can collaborate too. Some people will doubtless find that easier than others. Communicating how we’re feeling about yet more change will be key if we want our ‘re-entry’ to be a smooth one.

So, in our latest Balance talk we covered: 

  • How to identify the support you need to cope over the coming months
  • How to get better at asking for help
  • How you can support people who are struggling with the “return to normal”
  • How to communicate better, and be a better listener
  • Tips for being a “friend in need” and a supportive colleague
  • Why good intentions sometimes aren’t good enough
  • How we can encourage open conversations about our minds and well-being going forward
  • How to work well with other people to share resources and support each other  

Illustration drawn live by Sarah Singleton.


The community conversation surfaced a few thoughts and themes when it comes to ‘help’ both in giving and receiving it. The consensus was, we are often better at giving help than asking for it, but actually, this sometimes is difficult too – a few thoughts from those that attended:

“I’ve come to realise that many people are fixers, rather than listeners. I feel pressure when people try to give advice or tell me what I should and shouldn’t do.”

“I have two friends with cancer and I am trying to find ways of helping. One of the things I have just realised is, letting them feel useful or helping me is helpful to them because I feel like they are so tired of feeling useless…”

“I find it so hard to not give advice, it is such a skill to do that!”

And in asking for and accepting help; there are a few barriers that came up a lot throughout the session: shame, vulnerability, feeling like a burden to others. Andy & Julia discussed the importance of being clear in asking for what you need, as this will help you manage the desired outcome – it could be as simple as; ‘I’d just like to vent to get this off my chest.’ 

Around asking for help, people shared the following:

“Shame and pride stop me I guess…”

“I’m afraid that people will start seeing me as incompetent as an older person.”

“My best source of support is my friend who I can text and say “I feel bad” and he will say, ‘I’m sorry to hear that,’ and he does the same and we don’t try to solve each other’s problems, it’s just mostly saying ‘yeah feeling bad is rotten’.”

Watch again for help with how to give help and how to accept it

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