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Balance #3: Sorting the Shoulds from the Coulds: Staying motivated and making good choices

Our latest Balance talk was all about sorting the shoulds from the coulds… staying motivated, making good decisions amidst chaos, and finding the right path to a future you’ve had a hand in inventing. Pondering all of this with me, and offering insights-a-plenty along the way, was Andy Gibson, founder of Mindapples, and between us […]Read More

Balance #2: How to cope when uncertainty feels like the only certainty

After our 1st Balance talk last month looked at why we need to balance our minds if we want to balance our books, our 2nd talk explored uncertainty…How to make better friends with it, how getting to know ourselves a little bit better can help with that, and how we can move forward from chaos, […]Read More

Balance #1: Why we need to balance our minds to balance our books

  Balance is a new series of online talks and drop in sessions we’ve developed for artists and creative freelancers or entrepreneurs who want to learn how to take better care of their minds and their businesses.   Our first Balance session this month explored exactly why we – as artists, creative freelancers and entrepreneurs – […]Read More

Building a Mindapples ‘orchard’ for the creative sector!

Earlier this week we ran the first in our new series of Balance talks, all about why – as artists and creative entrepreneurs – we need to balance our minds if we want to balance our books. We were joined live by close to a hundred people from across the creative sector  – writers, film […]Read More