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Evaluation Podcast

Earlier this year the hub was commissioned by Sound Connections to deliver a podcast training project for young disabled musicians and producers. Over the course of five half day workshops we worked with the participants to develop their recording and production skills and to devise and record content for their own podcast. We also invited […]Read More

Sinful Dragons at Comics

Varna’s Sinful Dragons’ were our Guest DJ at Club Seas on Saturday night. When DJ Mitach one half of the Sinful Dragon collective shared with us a cheeky techno track sampling an old Bulgarian Folk Tale we knew we had to have him play. His beats have real personality & style. It’s a pretty sparse […]Read More

Deirdre’s Diversion

On Friday I went looking for Sigma . Their performance is taking place in an unmarked building in Varna. Before long I realised I was lost and was throughly enjoying myself. I’m staying in a hotel sandwiched between a triangle of 24hour petrol stations, the Railway Station and an Industrial Port. All of this circled […]Read More

Friday night at Seas

Friday saw the first of our local based musicians.  Mitko aka Violent Public Disorderax  provided a  completely different sound scape to Dogus the night before, entertaining the Seas crowd  with his down tempo chill out grooves which gradually built to a thrilling creshendo as the night reached its climax.  Like Kousin Miko  is a music maker with […]Read More

The first Varna seas club!

Its about seven in the morning here and Ive just watched the most amazing sunrise over the black sea.  In fact we?ve been all a glow since the SEAS club kicked into gear.  Its an incredible mix of music from the North and Black seas, theatre, happenings and very, very good company.  There?s still two […]Read More

First post from Varna

  So the SEAS moves to Varna ? Bulgaria?s third city sitting proudly (and warmly) on the Black Sea.  Already we?ve met lots of fascinating people  and have been bowled over by the friendliness and welcoming nature of the Bulgarian people.  Ivor , for example, took me on a whistle stop  tour of all the […]Read More

Wash Up from Odessa

Grand Finale Club Seas invited TimesNewRoman ( DJ Dogus) to play our closing party at Exit. The music jumped across the globe yet kept a distinctly Turkish Beat. There was Conga’s and the bar staff snook out to the dancefloor too. Here is our Top Ten Tracks from the night so you can re-create the […]Read More

First SEAS Club in Odessa is big hit!

After another round of meetings with local musicians and DJs yesterday we have a jam-packed programme of club nights for the rest of the week here in Odessa, including live music sets each night ? an unexpected and very welcome bonus! Local musicians have been so generous in sharing their talents with us. Our first […]Read More

Odessa Files

We landed in Odessa yesterday and immediately met a host of other artists from countries as diverse as Sweden, Romania and Croatia ? all here to participate in the SEAS adventure! We?ve been too busy to do any real exploring of the city as yet, but on first impressions, Odessa is a beautiful place, with […]Read More